30 week bump-date

LK and I had our 30 week check-up today. She is the size of a Cantaloupe or a Zucchini, depending on what app I look at! We passed the glucose test, and she is measuring right on track. Her little heart rate is at 145 and she looks absolutely perfect. My doctor expects that he can remove my stitches in the office rather than requiring surgery to remove. That eases my mind so much! They will hopefully schedule that around 37 weeks, and we can expect her arrival anytime after that. She’s so big now that sometimes her movements wake me up at night and you can see her moving outside of my belly more and more. She prefers to sit on my right side and often my belly is very lopsided. She is still head down and the doc says she has dropped a little bit. That is probably why I’m experiencing so much lower back and pelvic pain. He thinks that she might be putting pressure on a nerve, which is the source of most of my discomfort. I’m hoping she will wiggle around and get into a different position soon. This part is no fun. She’s grown to the size that I am uncomfortable pretty much constantly and can’t be on my feet for long periods of time without my legs and feet swelling. The doc is greatly in favor of me continuing yoga and stretching as it will help my body prepare for labor and there have been studies linking mindfulness practice with a more pleasant and peaceful delivery. I’ve noticed an increase in my appetite lately, but the inability to eat much at one sitting due to the lack of space in my belly right now. Mood swings have gotten a little bit deeper and more often, I’ve struggled with depression the majority of my life, and I didn’t expect pregnancy to be much different. I’m glad I’m able to manage it without medication now, but the last couple weeks have been tough with a lot of ups and downs. My sugar cravings are out of this world. These cravings have literally brought me to tears on more than one occasion this week, knowing that the sugar is not good for me or the baby, but the craving being incredibly strong and feeling almost overpowering. I’m managing them the best I can, but it is incredibly frustrating.

As we get closer to May, our home is starting to reflect the upcoming changes. It is so weird to look into the nursery and see the crib, knowing that soon there will be a perfect baby girl sleeping there. We have most of the essentials, and with my shower this weekend, I know we will be all ready by the time she comes. I had a smallish emotional breakdown trying to find something nice to wear to my shower this weekend. It’s so hard sometimes to accept my changing body without judgement. Nothing fits “right” or looks the way I think it “should”, and this belly is seriously getting out of control as she continues to grow! It took me a few hours to snap out of it and realize that my body is creating a miracle and that might not always look the way I expect it to. I did eventually find a cute and comfy dress that I am excited to wear on Sunday. I also have to remind myself that I will be surrounded by so much love and friendship that I really don’t need to get caught up in how I look.

Another week closer to meeting my sweet and perfect little girl, this is an incredible journey and I feel so blessed to share it with all of you. Thank you for your continued love and prayers.

30 weeks 3




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